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Welcome to the Home Page

The SA Arduino User Group


Welcome to the home page of South African Arduino User Group

This is the Internet home for the South African Arduino Users Group who's membership primarily extends across the whole of South Africa and SADC countries , however we welcome people from all nations to join our group and participate in the Knowledge sharing

Our Aim

The aim of this group is to create a forum for Arduino Enthusiasts in South Africa to share knowledge build projects together 

It is also the intention of this group to cooperate with other organisations which have similar interests for the benefit of the South African community.
One such Organisation is House4Hack

A need for Electronic Skills Training in South Africa

When our founder began experimenting with the Arduino he identified a need for Electronic technician training , Electronics training , Electronic circuit design and PCB layout training

Arduino Training

We are please to announce that we have teamed up with Botshop and now offer Arduino training in Pretoria
For more information click here

We now offer Arduino Training For more info training click here

We are the official site to host articles for the EduShield for the Arduino this is a shield use for trainers and student wishing to learn the Arduino . We provide trainers with a wide range of experiments that can be done using this shield for demo purposes. For the students we provide a comprehensive guide including Fritzing images to conduct the same experiments on an Arduino or Clone

Join our email list:

To join in the fun and exchange ideas with the rest of the members click on this link to join our Email List



However we will however offer Simple Arduino Articles to help the newbie  Arduino User make better use of the kit.

We will also provide Advanced Articles for the more advanced Users.


The EduShield for Arduino

This is one of the exclusive projects of founder of this group which he makes availableon this site.
We will be promoting the  EduShield for the Ardruino and clones on this site with projects to use this shield to provide you the enthusiast with a simple and very useful interface for your projects
This will also be kits to allow the Arduino Users benefit from this simple design

The Daughter Shield for Arduino and DauterDruino Clone

This is one of the exclusive projects of this group
This site will feature the Daughter Shield for the Arduino  and DaughterDruino Clone allowing you to make cheap daughter boards from veroboard for prototyping your designs